The Photographer

Hello! I’m Jekka, your timeless, non-traditional love photographer.

Capturing your poetic, honest and candid moments in a way that you will be able to reflect on for generations to come. A lover of creativity, light seeker, and experience maker.

It’s about getting you to feel comfortable enough
so that just for a moment
a little piece of your soul shines through.


I promise you, those are the photographs you will cherish the most. Photographs that, years from now, you and your children will look at
and be reminded of just what that moment FELT like.

 I absolutely love getting behind the lens so much that I can promise I am as excited as you that together we are going to create and capture forever memories.

On a personal note:

  • Creative enthusiast
  • Coffee lover
  • Outdoor wanderer
  • Wife to dreamboat husband
  • Heart devoted to Jesus
  • Mother to wildlings