Both complete sadness and complete bliss ~ Naturally Jek’s bubba shower and fair well.

My heart is now so full even though yesterday was met with deep emotion.


I am so blessed to have been spoiled beyond compare at my baby shower, where each and every person celebrated in the joy of my darling little human about to enter onto earth side.


I’ve never been so ‘in the moment’ and ‘present’ with people before than I did yesterday afternoon. This stemmed out of two factors; one, my go getter personality has virtually taken a holt since being pregnant and all I can do is just be. A quality I have only recently acquired. And two, yesterday was the last time for a long time I would see the beautiful faces of the many humans that I love so dearly in this world.


In 10 short days is when I take my husbands hand and our little family and embark upon a leap of faith kind of journey to the other side of Australia. I’ve always loved adventure, change and living excitedly. However, of all the moves, this is he hardest, because never before have I had the deep heart connection to so many people as I have since being where I am now.

I am extremely emotional.


I am extremely pregnant.


I am extremely blessed.

Becoming a nesting Mumma and wanting the best for bubba.

It is an incredible journey watching my body change and grow knowing that it is creating a life. I marvel at the wondrous (and sometimes horrifying) changes that are taking place. Who would have thought that almost half the population of history has gone through what I am going through now? I have a increased respect for women now.

I felt bub quite early on, 15 weeks with my first flutter, then 20 weeks and my mountain man got to feel the life within moving to his touch. Now it is a daily occurrence for bub to have a dance party converting my round belly into all sorts of shapes momentarily.


Typically I am a go-getter, 110% miles an hour type of person, but pregnancy has slowed me down about 14 notches. And with that, the desire to nest for this gypsy soul has increased. Which has proven quite challenging when you are de-cluttering your life to the size of a trailer for a move over 30 hours away. But I have been able to spend some time making bits and bobs, doing DIY projects (pic below), making wish lists and pinning dream bub items on pinterest for when we do settle down.


Some things however, I could not resist getting now. Like this Silver Cross Special Edition Henley pram. When we walked into the baby shop, Robin walked straight up to it and pushed it around like “he’s the man”. I love the mobility with even one hand, the warmth within the bassinet for bub and the big basket underneath, as I am a lover of practicality. The leather handles and cup holder are a beautiful bonus.


For me, now, taking care of bub is my number one priority. Feeding my body nutritiously has been hard, so thankfully I am able to reply on my toxic free, potently powerful and ethically made supplements to nourish bub. Jump on over to my prenatal care tab to see what I have been advised to take and why.

belly time

Tips of the day:

  • When I am feeling nauseous, increase the Natural Mineral Drink USA AUS and I become A-OK!
  • When growing and stretching, lather yourself up with lotion. I love using organic coconut oil where there are no stretch marks yet and where I have some already I use the Wrinkle Guard USA AUS as it works to reduce scarring. I love that my big purple markers, even as I grow larger are becoming more faint.
  • The importance of supplements for me is to give bub the foundational healthy pillars for being a little warrior once in this world.

We’re moving!

Growing up in a unique way where my gypsy parents allowed the value of extraordinary experience not to get in the way of comfort or traditional schooling and doing life traditionally for that matter, has really shaped my thinking ~ I got to experience living in an African village in the fourth poorest country in the world, traveling the east coast of Australia on a horse drawn wagon with my three siblings, Mumma, Daddy and four beautiful horses, growing my early years in a Australian Aboriginal community in Northern Australia and just about every other adventure from outback living to cities and in between. 15 homes. 9 school changes. This all has taught me to love people, love life, love diversity and think critically about how to do this thing called life.

we are moving

Now married to my mountain man, as a young couple exploring our options for starting out in this world, I can’t help but think there must be more options then living at home with parents, renting or tying yourself down in a mortgage. Often I feel different for thinking outside of these three options. In Australia we are extremely privileged in comparison to other parts of the world but also the younger generation are heavily burdened with carrying mortgages of 30 years and astronomical amount of interest paid in this time.

Sometimes putting it out there, having a whole lot of faith and taking a step out of the ‘norm’ is all you need for doors to open in ways you’d never imagine.

We knew that our journey in South East Queensland was coming to a close mid 2017 as my man finishes his university studies, I enter maternity leave and our next adventure awaits. After months of diligently searching for where our hearts are taking us and having faith that we would be guided to our right path, having multiple, wonderful doors being open but not having peace, THE extraordinary has just fell in our laps. A opportunity of a life time to be able to care take someone’s land for a open amount of time where we can build a movable place of our own where we can call home and save for our very own land. Want to know where? … the enchanted Tasmania!


A new community. A new home and limitless opportunity.

So now we’re working out the finer tweaks… temporary housing… we explored everything from tiny homes, container homes, kit homes, yurts, caravans and school bus conversions. Have you lived in alternative housing before? Comment what you’d suggest and why?

As it isn’t our land and we will need it to be mobile. We’re leaning towards a container home at this stage. I can’t wait to move in the next three months and start the building process. So stay tuned to see our next adventure unfolds.

Did I mention this is 6 short weeks before our first child is due?