Styling Tips:

I know picking out outfits for loved ones for the perfect photos can be daunting. But it really doesn’t have to be. You don’t need to go out and purchase a complete new wardrobe ~ unless you want to of course.

Here are a few tips I offer to make it simple and work well for our time together.

These are lifestyle images, so we want to go with a wardrobe that reflects you and your loved ones. Feeling comfortable, feeling you and loving the clothes you choose is important.

  1. Choose a colour palette (earthy tones, cool beach tones, bold tones) or theme (boho, neutral, country) and style everyone accordingly. Avoid matching colours. Rather pick out colours that compliment one another and offer variety. My favourite is warm, earthy and neutral tones. I am happy to provide you with some images that are examples of this if you want a visual example.
  2. Be comfortable. Together we will dance, play, run and sit. Flowing dresses are really flattering on women and girls and create beautiful movement in photographs. Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight and may be flattering only on certain angles. Casual, neutral outfits, especially on men can give your whole photoshoot a really relaxed and down to earth vibe.
  3. Keep in mind that patterns often clash and take away from the images therefore as plain and neutral as possible allows you and the connection with your loved ones to shine through. If you’re thinking, “oh no, no patterns! But I have this one dress I have been dying to wear for the photo shoot”. Then wear it! Use it as the centrepiece to style all the other outfits to. Making sure all the other clothes are neutral in pattern.
  4. Avoid logos as they take away from the natural feel of the photo and become distracting.
  5. A plane T-shirt, or button up are great for men and mini men paired with a comfortable pair of short or jeans. Add some comfy shoes or barefoot and waa laa – ready to make some magic happen.
  6. For something little extra you can style your loved ones with felt hats, bonnets for the little ones, cardigans in the cooler months, flowers or feathers in the hair, lace up boots for the toes. The creativity you have in dressing your love ones is limited only to your imagination. If you want inspiration to dressing a little extra I am more then happy to share a few images.
  7. Avoid pinstripes at all costs as the pattern can be distorted through the camera lens depending how the light bounces from this.

Once you’ve taken these tips into consideration, feel free to send me a photo of your ideas, as I am more then happy to provide feedback so that on the day you’re feeing like everything is just right.