eternal love

~ It was always you ~

Robin and Jekka-3-2I never believed in love at first sight until I laid my eyes on you. That night, dressed in black, a mane of a hair and a wild spirit. I just knew there was something so special about you.


Robin and Jekka-31I know it took a while to say back to you, that I too, was deeply in love with you. I just was so afraid to open my heart again after life brought its fair share of hurt previously. Being with you has taught me so many amazing lessons about myself that I’d never have known unless our paths crossed.


I never knew that I’d be able to experience love and life like you have allowed me to.


From where it all began to now, I am incredibly in love with you.

Robin and Jekka-23

Through all the dips and rises in life you have been my rock, my security and refuge.

I love how dedicated you are to this family, how adventurous and creative you are. I love that you will not settle for just the norm but are a seeker of the Lord’s will in you life and follow your wild dreams and passions.

Robin and Jekka-14Robin and Jekka-4

I can’t wait to see where life brings you. And the whole way, I will be here, right by your side.


You make me complete.

Photo Credit: Rob Stephens