Taking photos isn’t just what I do. Capturing moments is a part of who I am.

What makes my heart beat a little faster?

When together we create outstanding images.

Some behind the scenes: MCP FILMS

Cover photo credit: SOLUNA PHOTO

I've done both. The big wedding and eloped. Yes, it was to the same man who I am still passionately in love with over a decade later. We got married young and did the big traditional thing. I have this clear memory of him being on the other side of the room and all I wanted to do was be by his side. As i made my way across the room, having so many loved ones wanting my attention, it took me 45 minutes to get to the other side and by the time I was there, he was caught up somewhere else. Then speeches, formalities and all the "should's". Looking back it was a special day - but if I am real with myself, it isn't exactly how I wanted to spend my day.

Marrying the love of my life - the experience of it, I wanted to be right by his side, in his embrace and captivated by our love... all day! ... then throw a big fun party at a later date to celebrate us. So 10 years, 2 kids and a lifetime of adventure into our marriage we did it again. We celebrated by eloping and creating a intentional and beautiful space that was for just us.

So when I say eloping is the bees knees. I mean it! I've done it and I am here to help you do it!

I am blessed to have truely found the one thing that energises me with excitement and passion.

This means I am more to you than a photographer. I am a friend, a problem solver and a sounding board. I am passionately committed to creating bespoke and breathtaking images and do what I can to guarantee this.

I’m about capturing you for who you really are and what your relationship is. To tell your story because after all is said and done, what really matters is that you come out of it loving each other a little more.

I am a lover of creativity, light seeker, and experience maker.

It’s about getting you to feel comfortable enough so that just for a moment a little piece of your soul shines through.


I promise you, those are the photographs you will cherish the most. Photographs that, years from now, you and your children will look at and be reminded of just what that moment FELT like.


I am more than just a photographer in every way.

I am a wife to a mountain man whom I married in my youth.

Together we created two wildlings.

As a unit we spend our lives faith led, home schooling, waterfall chasing and living in the great outdoors. There is never a dull moment amongst my tribe.

I am a true gypsy soul. I’ve gone to 9 schools, moved 17 times. My childhood consisted of living in a remote Aboriginal community, to travelling as a family on a horse drawn wagon for 6 months, to living in an African village in my youth. Since marriage we’ve built a tiny house in remote Tasmania from shipping containers, created two businesses, passionately loved one another, the great outdoors and the arts together which has propelled us to where we are now. Doing what we love.

There is no Naturally Jek without my husband.

Find what you love and you will never work a day in your life. I am so grateful to say… this is me.

Did we just become best friends?

Drop me a line and let’s make this happen


Thanks for dropping by xx