A letter to my son ~

Dear Valentine.

I have to pinch myself that it has been a year with you. Since you made your grand entrance into the world our life has been nothing short of exciting and full. You have grown beyond what I thought was possible in the one year earthside you’ve shared with us. Each day I see you step out in more confidence wanting to explore your world. I love watching you grow in curiosity.


You bright up my days with both challenges and joys. Like peeing in your own mouth as a newborn, or putting a bee in your mouth and it stinging your tongue, or how you kamikaze off just about anything because you are overly confident, daring and willing to try anything. And the joys, like sleeping through the night for the past 7 months, giggling every time you see an animal, having wrestles, saying Mum first and just your overall all cheeky personality which absorbs my heart.

I love when your Daddy and I fight for who is going to lift you from the cot as we both missed you so much while you were sleeping.

I love that you clap your hands in church and sing loudly every time the preacher prays.

I love that you wave to the man for stopping his car for us at the zebra crossing.

I love that you already have a knack for charming people and that you bring out smiles from everyone wherever we go.

I love you my son.

You’re a delight and a joy and I am so privileged and grateful to be your Mama and share life with you. And it is my absolute prayer that you will grow year by year in the revelation of the Holy Spirit, in His mighty power to impact this world in a incredible change making way. I pray that all your characteristics from your non-stop daring nature, to your easy going, friendly, socialite smile will be used for Jesus as He made you with every gift you bestow. My son my greatest prayer is that you will always know what Jesus did for you and want to share your life with Him forever.

I always want you to know how precious you are. With all the love in my heart, your Mama. xxx



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