Bloopers of our love affair ~

This morning marks 6 years waking as a wife.


They say that the most common issue a couple can face is related to M O N E Y. Thank goodness Robin and I totally are on the same page and ‘speak the same language’ when it comes to money. Though, there were two occasions in our six beautiful years of marriage that we did disagree and in hindsight they both cause me to giggle as they were so ridiculous.


The first was when we were in Bali for our three year anniversary. Our budget was tight as we both were University students so we embarked upon three weeks of backpacking in $10 accommodation per night. For that we were able to get gorgeous beach front rooms. We were quite content. I’ve never really holidayed in luxury and overall am a rather down to earth chick BUT when I came across a private villa in the forest with its own swimming pool, outdoor garden shower, stone round bath tub, king size bed, room service and meal included all for $50 per night, it got me all giddy. After all, it was our anniversary. Despite our small wage, I thought we could indulge a little and treat ourselves to two nights there. After all, something like this would cost more than $500 a night back home. So in my excitement I asked my husband who to my surprise protested firmly as it was farrrrr to expensive! He had gotten used to making our small budget stretch and was quite comfortable doing so. He didn’t want to see us indulge unrealistically. Especially considering my proposal was five times the amount we had been paying… safe to say it’s only now that I laugh out loud. At the time I just broke down and an emotional mess and after a few hours of begging and sobbing he finally came around. It turned out to be everything I was hoping for and he rather enjoyed himself too.


Ok. So now I’ve taken the micky out of my Mountain Man for a moment, it’s time to reveal my own ridiculousness. On our tight studying income, as a couple we made a commitment to discuss any purchases over $50. We built and moved into a shed on a farm and in our busyness it took two months to build our compost toilet. So after two months of driving to my mother’s, going in the bush or using public facilities as our bathroom we were thrilled to finish our very own composting toilet. It was working beautifully for about… um… about two weeks. But then residue came, flies were attracted to it and it just wasn’t comfortable. Even so we persisted with it. The final straw with the toilet came when one day I went and there were about a million baby ticks nesting under the lid. Oh my goodness, this was the worst! What followed this wasn’t really a discussion; I simply told Robin that as much as I am a bush girl and can tolerate and even love a lot about the outdoors, I could not deal with this. To his dismay after many hours and weeks of researching and building me the compost toilet, he reluctantly went and bought me a porter potty. I came home that afternoon as he waited for me with this surprise new edition to our home and instead, he caught more grief from me because we hadn’t formally discussed or agreed upon making such a big purchase, well and truly beyond our $50 agreement. Oh my poor darling, all he was trying to do was please his wife.



And in six years of marriage, if they’re the worst blows, I think we’re doing all right. Each day I think to myself, again and again…

I love this man.

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