Want to know how I told my mountain man that we are having a baby?

I had a hunch for a few months that we were going to be trying to have a baby in the near future because of the way we started to talk about having a family more frequently. My husband kept on saying. I feel like I will be ready soon. So I goggled all these creative ways to share with him the news so I would be super prepared. There is no way once I found out I was pregnant I would be able to wait enough time to find a creative plan then. I definitely am the type of person who cant hide emotion, its always either written on my face or expressed in my behaviour. So I did some goggling and decided that I loved the idea of having a spoon with the announcement engraved on it.


I found the spoon featured from Etsy (which I totally recommend to anyone as it is at home businesses displaying their lovely creations) and ordered it right away. It thankfully came a couple of weeks before I knew I was pregnant.

One evening I had another hunch, something occurred that made me just feel pregnant. Early the next morning I had a 40km ride with a group of friends and again the hunch grew because I was exhausted and could not keep the pace. I drove straight to the shops and 4 pregnancy tests later it confirmed indeed I was pregnant. Because I had the spoon stashed away at home I knew I had to make something for breakfast that could be eaten with it so picked up a few groceries. It was Saturday morning so I could easily cover for making a special breakfast, as we usually spend at least one of the weekend’s breakfasts together chatting and over something more gourmet. I whipped it up and pooped the spoon into the meal and served it so excitedly to him.


Now I don’t know how you eat with a spoon, but for me, I clean it in my mouth before taking the next serve. Also as I scoop for food I look at the spoon. My beautiful husband does this a little differently. I would refer it probably more to shovelling and being the relational man he is, definitely more engaged in the conversation then looking at the food. As we ate the tension was killing me and I thought he would never discover the engraved secret on the spoon. But then… he felt a weird texture in his mouth and wallah, the secret was revealed. With tears, kisses and joy we celebrated the first morning that we shared, knowing we will be parents.


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