Announcing to work about my little secret ~

I know 8 weeks pregnant is not “normally” when we are suppose to announce that we are pregnant. Perhaps a little early? But for me, I could not hide my bundle of joy any longer. You’d think from excitement right? Ah, nope… more like from symptoms. On the day that my calculator indicated I was 8 weeks pregnant, I went to work, for the first time in ages, in shorts. I love my skirts and dresses. I don’t normally wear shorts, but lucky for me, that day I did. I was 20 minutes into the day and just about to make a phone call when I felt a sudden urge to run to the toilet where I threw up for the first time. Not the nicest symptom of pregnancy but I am sure many of you and sympathise. But wait, it gets worse… being pregnant I do not have the bladder I once used to (as in, even 8 weeks ago) and whilst I was heaving over the bowl, I also peed my pants. Yup, at work.

I had a rather amused and sympathetic boss who let me go home and change. Interestingly enough no one commented on my sudden disappearance and then change of cloth. And I did not know what they might be assuming, so I went home in the evening and baked these scrumptious paleo choc muffins. The icing isn’t paleo because I haven’t learned how to make that yet. But life’s a wonderful journey of growth.


If you have a paleo-icing recipe you know is yummy or you have a hilarious pregnancy story you want to share, comment below. I would LOVE to hear it.


One thought on “Announcing to work about my little secret ~

  1. Pelvic floor exercises are not a joke, they’re officially a crucial part of your daily routine! LOL 😂😂😂😂😂 yay, another thing for the ‘to do’ list Mumma 😉


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