I have always, even since being a little girl myself, been completely fascinated by babies and children. I longed for the day that I could hold my own little treasure and know that a miracle has entered my life and changed it forever.

Kissing on road.jpgI’ve been married for almost 5 years – to the most humble, mountain man and between us there has been many times we have contemplated whether the timing was right or not to have a child. We have had many adventures in the mean time, bonding and growing together in a way that has prepared us for finally the time, where together we have the privilege of creating and growing a family. We are so deeply please to announce and grateful that in August we will be holding our very own, healthy, gorgeous, ever so loved child. I love my husband for sharing his gene’s with me, because I think they are pretty brilliant and cant wait to meet the little treasure that is growing within.

Baby bear .jpgIt has been a whirlpool of emotions and feelings since we fell pregnant last November. Pregnancy hormones are raging in a way that some days I feel like I don’t even recognise myself anymore, but I keep grounded by knowing a little miracle is growing within. I am full of gratitude knowing that we have been chosen to be parents and suddenly 2017 has already become my favourite year.

Kissing behind the tree.jpg

As I enter second trimester, its indescribable the joy of seeing my body start to stretch and grow. I am so pleased that my husband has such a gentle and caring nature, as I have needed to lean on him as my rock through some trying times so far. But there is a bright light at the end of this tunnel and I am feeling more and more myself each day.

Urban Baby Co make these amazing organic tee shirts that I fell in love with the moment I saw them. And inspired by one of my favourite blogs Fox Meets Bear, I designed and made the chalk board.

ps. this was the last time I could wear jeans as I am popping already and straight after the photo was taken I had to unbutton. #pregnancylife


  1. So wonderful Jekka- it truly is a special gift and Priviledge to be a woman and to grow babies. Thank you God! The first time is defiantly a strange experience, I remember my body mutating and doing all manner of things and often felt like I was on the outside looking in at this body I didn’t recognise. Enjoy, the second Tri-mester is divine. X

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    • It’s strange how our bodies change and know what to do. I know how you feel with everything you said. I am already wearing two sizes larger undies even though I have only put on 300g. #imashapeshifter

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